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Mojo Soft Touch Pens

If you love putting pen to paper this soft-touch barrel provides comfort & ease for letter writing or daily journaling. Add this to one of our journal or letter writing sets & you have created the perfect gift for your stationery pals. Available with 2 pens & a vegan leather case or simply buy on its own.

Mojo Wellness Journals

Our undated, daily wellness journal is packed with life changing potential and positivity on every page.  With its unique multi-purpose design, our journal brings together the best of daily planning,  goal setting. gratitude & self care. Personalisation options are available at cart.


Mojo Letter Writing Set

Our beautifully designed stationery sets are the perfect way to send a smile to someone you love.  The lost art of letter writing has made a huge comeback, a handwritten letter gives the recipient so much more than an email ever could. It conveys time, effort, love and affection. 

Shop our beautiful gift bundle options.


Dream. Write. Do.

At mojo&co we believe that nothing holds more possibility than a blank page.  We are passionate about tapping into the unlimited potential it can hold and have thoughtfully created a range of beautifully designed stationery. Our exquisite wellness journals and letter writing sets are a treat for the eyes, a tonic for the mind and offer nourishment for the soul.

We want you to take your mind offline and tap into the positive power of using a daily wellness journal, find a sense of achievement in completing tasks, discover the joy to be had in each and every day with gratitude journaling, plan your self-care or simply reclaim the lost art of letter writing with our beautiful stationery sets.

Our vision for the daily wellness journal, was to craft a beautifully uncomplicated, but multi-purpose journal that allows you to tap into the power of positive thinking and its limitless possibilities. Once your mind-set shifts to a more positive way of thinking, the act of planning, setting and achieving goals becomes much more attainable. 

Your mojo&co journal will allow you to focus the mind, filter out the noise and help you bring your intentions into the real world.  

Our eco friendly endeavours

We do our best to care for the planet.

Our journals are made using FSC certified paper, which means our paper comes from responsibly sourced forests, every time a tree is cut down, a new one is planted.

Our letter writing sets are made using recycled paper which can then be recycled.

We endeavor to keep our packaging as sustainable & reusable as possible, we use compostable mailers, recyclable labels & tissue paper.  A tree is planted every time we order fresh packaging.

Our shipping boxes can be reused, they are made using recycled materials & are also recyclable; we would love to see how you re-use yours.

Our goal over the next 2 years is to reduce & eliminate any remaining plastics from our packaging.


Our Story

In 2020, like many, founder Maureen Hoey had lost her job due to the global pandemic. Coupled with the sad passing of her father Jimmy, she was faced with sadness and loss, but also a sense of renewed passion for life and the realisation of how short it is. Maureen was also given letters her eldest sister had written over the years to her cousin, who were both tragically killed in an accident when Maureen was just 10 years old. A prized possession, they made her laugh & cry & gave a wonderful insight into both their lives & personalities, she also understood how important the lost art of letter writing could be & the legacy it can leave behind. All of these events converged and allowed Maureen to realise she wanted to spend her life doing that she loved and spurred on by her passion for wellness, the positive power of writing and the desire to help others do the same, Mojo & Co. was born. So whether it’s through letter writing, journaling or daily planning, mojo&co want to help you shift your mind-set to a more positive space and allow you to tap into the real world potential it can have for you in your daily life. We’re for the writers, the doodlers, the list-makers, the dreamers, the lovers, the pen pals and the planners.


Listen to our owner Maureen talk to TodayFM's Maired Ronan all things mojo.


What they say
  • I received my personalized journal recently and you did not disappoint! From the luxurious feel of the cover to the gorgeous packaging, I’m delighted with it. Full of personal touches and instruction, I will be proud to take my Mojo & Co Journal everywhere with me!

    Rebecca Belton
  • I just love my Mojo & Co journal. This is my first time journaling & this journal makes it so easy. Start the day on a positive with things I’m grateful for and end the day with things that made smile throughout the day. I love the up-beat headings & the fab colour of the journal, it’s a great quality product.

    Cecilia Sage
  • This is an essential journal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle. It is beautifully designed inside and out with inspirational quotes and plans for anyone who needs help in taking time to appreciate life. A gift that anyone would appreciate and would be a joy to give or receive.

    Kim McGee
  • Absolutely love this product. The internal layout is perfect and the exterior look and feel of the product is simple yet stunning. I initially purchased it as a present and then decided to keep it for myself!

    Caitriona Curran
  • Really great journal, very high quality with daily inspiring messages that help you keep your spirits high. The design of the journal also encourages you to reflect and appreciate the good things that are occurring daily in your life… Highly recommended :)

    Adrian Flynn
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