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Empower Your Team

Our range of journals are designed to support your teams well into 2023, they will drive smart planning, help combat overwhelm, and enable your team to celebrate their Wins!

Employee Wellbeing

At Mojo and Co we provide luxury journals that deliver improved employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity to small & large organisations.
The most common cause of stress is work related stress, 79% of people say they frequently experience it, with only 9% seeking mental health support. In the UK 13.7million working days are lost each year because of work related stress, anxiety & depression.

Journaling has become the hot wellness trend of the moment, but it’s more than just a fad. The tangible benefits are many, improved mood and mental health, enhanced productivity, clearer goal setting and achievement, less anxiety, more creativity, and better sleep, to name but a few.

Our range of journals are designed to support your teams well into 2023, they will drive smart planning, help combat overwhelm, and enable your team to celebrate their Wins! We are on a mission to make workplace wellbeing a priority by giving you & your team a space to take much needed daily time offline to feel calm, organised & prepared for the challenges of each new day with a 360-degree approach to modern working life that truly works.

Get in touch on info@mojoandco.ie for further information on workplace wellbeing packages.

Corporate Clients

Retail Product

Give your customer the choice of a gift of wellbeing with a gorgeous mojo&co wellness journal. With this range of colours & styles of journal, you will give your customer the option to begin journaling in a style that works for them.

By combining the power of gratitude and positive thinking, our savvy positivity & wellness journal will allow your customer to not only set personal targets, but it will also help them to achieve those goals by focusing the mind, filtering out the noise and embracing a positive mindset.

If they feel a less structured approach is better our brain dump was designed with that in mind. This new offering allows your customer a less formal structure and more space to do a regular emptying out of their mental mind load with the added benefit of some structure to set weekly goals, plan the week ahead & celebrate the wins.

Crucially our journals are a safe space for everyone to put down their thoughts, clear their minds, focus their intentions, as well as evaluate and learn from the week’s challenges and tasks. Above all, they are a trusted day-to-day companion to let creativity and wellbeing take centre stage alongside daily planning.

Retail Clients


What Businesses Say
  • Mojo Journals are an ideal wellness gift to help anyone who is trying to get organised and reduce personal and professional overwhelm. The journal has lovely personal touches with clear instructions on effective journalling and surprise quotes to keep you motivated. This journal helps you plan, set goals, focus on the positives and let go with clever useful sections for ‘brain dump’ and ‘bin it’. Great excuse to digitally detox! 

    Lavina McGahon - Thrive4women Programme.
  • The wellness journals that I’ve ordered for our client is impressive! Not only the quotes and notes inside that makes the journal exciting and engaging, but the quality of the journals makes it even more special! I also received a pen and, it’s my favourite pen so far! No joke!!!

    Inna Mirabel - Fuel HQ
  • As someone who has been using a work diary for years – the transition to the brain dump journal has been a no brainer. As well as marking daily tasks easy to remember – the inspirational quotes are a joy as are the sections for doodles and notes. Its the perfect size for a meeting notebook as well as a daily diary and goal planner all rolled into one.

    Jason McGee - Jascom Ltd
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