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Dance Like No One is Watching


The saying goes, ‘you should dance like nobody’s watching,’ and while it’s the ideal manta to get you out there on the dancefloor in a nightclub or at a wedding or event, there’s much more behind the philosophy than simply cutting a rug.

In fact, ‘dancing like no one is watching,’ is essentially all about being present in the moment, about not focussing on what other people think of you and instead, channelling your thoughts and energy into your own needs, wants and even goals.

You might say it’s the ultimate expression of freedom, because once you start ‘dancing like no one’s watching,’  you are no longer bound by others opinions or thoughts. You are not seeking someone else’s approval or letting others attitudes dictate your actions. You are truly living in the moment, which is really what mindfulness is all about at its core.

Of course, as with most things, it’s very easy to say, ‘dance like no one is watching,’ but when you are crippled with self-doubt or anxiety it can be hard to shut off your inner critic. So what are some practical ways to boost your self-confidence to allow you to take this mantra into your everyday life? Well, you needn’t worry, mojo&co have four top tips to help you do just that.

Have A Plan

The simple things are often the most useful and just setting out your goals or desires in terms of where you want your confidence to be is key to getting there. This is where our mojo&co daily guided journal comes into its own. Take some time to write down your confidence goals. This way you’ll begin to visualise what it is you want and once you have them written down on paper, plotting a clear course to get you there will be much easier.

Take A Risk

Another useful saying is to try and do one thing every day that scares you! While that might be a bit extreme for most, taking a few small steps to doing something outside of your comfort zone, can be hugely rewarding for your own sense of self confidence. Be it asking a stranger for the time, driving in rush hour traffic or putting yourself forward for a task in work, there are lots of ways to take small leaps of faith that will build your confidence.

Tell Your Inner Critic to Shut Up

Yes, really. Say it out loud if you want to, but make sure when that creeping, niggling voice of self-doubt chimes in to thwart your efforts, you tell it to shut up nice and firmly. Often, we are guilty of talking to ourselves in the most unfriendly, unkind, and unsupportive way. That inner critic can be working overtime, leading to you doubt what you are truly capable of. So do yourself the biggest favour and tell that critic to zip it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

We talked at length last week [https://www.mojoandco.ie/why-failure-can-be-good-for-you/] about why failure is actually good for you and when it comes to confidence, a fear of failing can be one of the biggest barriers to boosting your self-belief. You’ve got to start realising that it’s okay to fail. We all fail, and we all fail frequently. These can be big or small, but things not going to plan is part of life and in fact can teach you a thousand times more lessons than having things run smoothly all the time. Simply dance like no ones watching, remember? And if you fall on the dancefloor no one will see you anyway!


If you’d like to know more about our collection of beautiful, guided journals and letter writing sets, then why not head over to our online store www.mojoandco.ie or feel free to contact us info@mojoandco.ie.

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