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Everything you need to know about getting the best out of your guided journal


For many this week is going to be the first full dose of reality since the festive break with schools and business back open, normal life is getting back into full swing.

Many of us can expect to be challenged this week in lots of ways, from tiredness, to lacking motivation, to the dark mornings. But one of the best ways to help you chug on through is by using your mojo&co wellness journal to it’s best.

Here we’ve put together a few practical tips on ways to get the best out of your guided journal and get it working for you.

Give it time

If you’ve never used a journal or guided journal before, then the concept can feel a little alien at the start. Try to give it a chance though and realise that as with any new activity, it can take time to imbed in and become an established routine.  You’ll be amazed by how after just a few weeks, you’ll find yourself coming to see it as an integral part of your daily life. It only takes 28 days of doing something daily to create it as a new established habit, with the outcome being this will be your most productive, well spent time each & every day!

Be consistent

Speaking of routine, this is key to getting your journal to start working for you and not the other way around. You’ve got to try and set aside some regular time for it; ideally every day, but if not as close as is possible and see it as journaling time. You can stack it into another regular habit, so if you normally have a quiet morning coffee, slot journaling in there, if you read in the evening, you can do it then also, wherever it can be conveniently stacked in with other established habits. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of time on it, but even a concentrated 5 to 10 minute session can have huge benefits. The more you use your journal, the more it will come into its own.

Set Goals

One of the biggest benefits of using a guided journal is the ability to focus your mind, set key goals and start achieving them. We’ve given space for both short- and long-term goals to reflect real life. It’s amazing how you start to build up a list of successful achievements once you start. Don’t dismiss the small wins, these are a crucial building block for increasing your productivity and confidence and will in turn allow you to identify, set and achieve those bigger goals you’ve had in the back of your mind.

Plan your day

As well as being hugely helpful in allowing you to achieve goals, our planner is also an essential day-to-day planner for busy people like you. It allows you to set out daily and weekly tasks and appointments, allows you to keep track and plan your time in a clear, effective, and un-plugged way. This can often be a much more calming and real-world way to keep track of our lives, rather than reaching for yet another app on another busy device. Turning to your journal with its tangible paper and a pen makes the whole process feel more real and less hectic.

It’s an Asset

Finally, try and see your journal as a joy, rather than a chore. It’s your biggest supporter, your secret weapon, your biggest asset. It’s a self confidence booster, a self-care advocate, it’s a place to help you realise your goals, unplug your brain and get you into a more positive and successful frame of mind.


If you’d like to know more about our collection of beautiful, guided journals and letter writing sets, then why not head over to our online store www.mojoandco.ie or feel free to contact us info@mojoandco.ie.

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