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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


We are nothing if not creatures of habit. We thrive on routine and tend to enjoy the familiar. It gives us comfort and a sense of ease. But despite the positives it can bring, to be truly successful and happy it is vital that we get out of our comfort zone on a regular basis or face stagnation.
Nothing stays the same forever and we’re the same. In order to evolve, to progress, to advance, to achieve our goals, we’ve got to challenge ourselves, no matter what the outcome.

Why Is It Good To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

1 It will boost your self confidence
Trying something new can be a scary prospect, but no matter what the outcome, just trying it will boost your self-confidence. You’ll feel proud you took a leap of faith, and you’ll know that you are capable of so much more than you thought possible. It will open up new doors and change your mindset altogether.

2. You might find a new passion
Whatever your new leap of faith is, be it a new sport, hobby, goal, or new way of doing things, you may end up uncovering something that you truly adore doing. The only way to know is of course to try. There can be nothing worse than looking back and thinking regretfully, if only I had tried x or y. Trying is the key to advancement.

3. You’ll learn there is nothing to fear
New challenges will inevitably lead to some failures along the way, but in taking on more new steps you’ll realise that everyone fails at some point and that failure is part of the learning process and not something to fear or hold you back.

How Do I Get Out of My Comfort Zone?

1. Make a plan
Be sure to put thought into your new endeavour. Use our journal to identify what it is you wish to take on or achieve, and how you’ll get there. Planning will give you a much greater chance of achieving your new challenge and allow you to track your progress.

3. Just do it
Simply put, you’ve got to get stuck in, be decisive and do it. Put the procrastination to bed and start to be more proactive. Remember, that while you might feel self-conscious or scared to take on a new challenge, or stepping out of your regular routine, most people aren’t actually paying that much attention to you, because they are so wrapped up in their own lives. And everyone is apprehensive when it comes to trying new things, you’re not alone in your feelings.

4. Evaluate
Finally, don’t be afraid to evaluate your step into the unknown. Be sure to look at it constructively; what worked, what didn’t work. What did you learn, what would you do again, what would you do differently? Address how it’s helped you in your daily life or to achieve your wider gorals and be sure to celebrate every small win and chuck the negative parts in the bin.

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