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How to get your mojo


Here at mojo&co we know all about the importance of finding our flow and mentally refilling our cup with plenty of positive mojo. But what does mojo actually mean?
Simply put, mojo is your energy, your confidence, you positive thinking, your life flowing rather than stalling. Mojo is that indescribable feeling of good vibes that not only helps us to get on with our day, but it also give us a real boost too.
However, many of us feel at certain points in our lives that we’ve lost our mojo. We can feel run down, tired, frazzled between all the many demands of busy, modern life. In fact, most of us are running on empty a lot of the time.
But never fear, we are here to help and have some tips on how to get that mojo back and get your life flowing again.

It’s fair to say that most of us have very busy lives and can feel ourselves pulled in different directions. Sometimes we can keep up, but often we can find ourselves burnt out with the pace of our day to day lives. And our mojo reserves can run dry.
So first things first. Stop. Simply take a seat, take a breath and take a pause on everything. Think of the hamster on the treadmill. At some point he’s got to stop before the wheels come off.

Once you’ve taken some time out to slow everything down, then you can begin to plan for how you start back up and get that mojo back. Use your journal to work out a daily schedule or manage your time more effectively. Learn to delegate tasks with friends or family.
Once you see your plans and goals written down, you’ll realise that perhaps you were taking on too much and by breaking things down into bitesize nuggets you’ll achieve far more and by doing so boost your confidence. There’s also a huge sense of positivity and satisfaction to be had when you manage your time more effectively and literally watch how your life begins to flow, rather than trundle along.

Show gratitude.
Be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Counting your blessings will make you feel happy for all the great things that are already in your life whilst thinking of what you don’t have can have the opposite affect, making you feel that you are lacking in areas of your life. When you focus on the good the good gets better.

A random act of kindness
There are so many benefits to doing a random act of kindness both for you & the person you are doing it for. It is infectious & will have you & the recipient smiling all day. It can be something as simple as bringing treats to work, buy a stranger a coffee, give someone your parking ticket, the list goes on.

Put on a great playlist
It’s no secret at mojo&co how much we love a great playlist, music has the power to either bring your mood down or pick it right up, play an uplifting playlist each morning getting ready for the day & just watch how you get your mojo.

Schedule daily self-care
This is something that’s often overlooked or not planned but once you begin to add a few things to each day that you consider to be selfcare you will get into the habit of doing that each day, it can be very simple like getting out for a walk, drinking enough water, less screentime, taking supplements, a bath, the list goes on.

Write a list of things that brings you joy
Knowing what brings you joy isn’t always easy, but if you take the time to ask yourself what they are? You will find a list of things to bank for when you want a lift. Try to do some of them each day to give you something to look forward to. Why not start today by making your list & delve into it as often as you can, keep adding to it when you discover new things that bring you joy.

Start Journaling
Your guided journal can help you do so much more and by using it effectively you can benefit hugely and boost that mojo and positive energy. Long term goals can also be realised and achieved, not simply the day-to-day stuff. And let’s not forget the benefits from scheduling in regular journaling time. It becomes a time to reflect, to think about your day, to practice gratitude and to take some time out for yourself. It’s your time to find your flow and ensure you’ve got enough mojo to meet the day.

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