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How to Kick start your day!


A good morning will often set the tone for the rest of the day. We’ve all had mornings where we sleep out the alarm, spill our coffee, catch our handbag strap on the door, misplace the keys and end up feeling bedraggled and stressed before we even leave the house. It can often spiral into the day not going as planned, leave you in a bad mood or lead to poor time management as a knock-on effect.
While the odd bad morning happens to us all, we’ve put together some tips to help you get off to a good start which will help get your day going in the right direction. While the odd bad morning happens to us all, we’ve put together some five tips to help you get off to a good start which will help get your day going in the right direction.

Start the night before
It may sound boring, but if you want to have a good morning, (yes, we love to drop in a rhyme now and then) put in the prep the night before. This means trying to go to bed at the same time. Not always feasible but falling asleep at the same time every night helps to set your internal clock, or circadian rhythm, which makes for better quality sleep.
Also turn off the smartphone an hour or two before bed and avoid the endless pre-bed scroll. Reach for your mojo&co journal instead and use it to switch off slowly for a good night’s sleep. Try to practice good sleep hygiene, have the room dark and not too warm.
Also by deciding what you are going to wear the following day & lay your clothes out the night before, you will saves procrastination about what to wear & cuts out running around searching for specific items.

Don’t hit the snooze button
It’s time we just said it like it is. The snooze button is a trap. Hitting it will only make you feel sleepier and sluggish and get your day off to a bad start, so try to avoid hitting it, as tempting as it is. In fact, think of the snooze button as a very bad thing. Also, just as keeping your sleeping time regular, keeping a set wake time will only help to cement that circadian rhythm and help you feel more rested. During the week, try and get up once the alarm goes off. Languishing in bed is only going to delay you, leading to a sluggish bad start. Of course, at the weekend there is nothing nicer than listening to a podcast to reading a book with a coffee propped up in bed!

Get moving
Are you able to fit in exercise in the morning? Can you get up 30 minutes earlier to get a short walk in or some other form of exercise? This will set you up for a great day, by exercising in the morning you are releasing those all-important “feel good” endorphins making you feel happier, you will have a sense of accomplishment from exercising & you will have a positive outlook for the day.

Of course at mojo&co we recommend journaling in the morning as the perfect way to set up your day, this will give you a plan & you will know where you want the day to take you instead of the day passing by with no structure, you can also schedule self care & plan something that you will look forward to at the end of each day not only that, it will also give you a few quiet moments to reflect, practice gratitude & appreciate all the great things in your life.

Delay reaching for the phone
Most of us reach for our phones first thing in the morning and begin that online scroll from the get-go. Try and delay this, in fact having your phone out of the bedroom altogether is a good start.
Try and begin the morning with some positive intention-setting instead by using your journal, rather than bombarding your brain with social media.
Try and wait to look at your phone until you are dressed and ready to leave the house or longer if you can avoid it.

Drink some water
Most of us are desperately dehydrated. Coffee and tea are nice in the morning, but are not replacements for the benefits of drinking water and it’s a really good idea to get some H20 into you before you have anything else. It will help hydrate your body and will also help you better digest your food, warm water with lemon is particularly good as it kick starts your immune system, kick starts your metabolic rate food & is great for your skin.

Play music
At mojo&co we talk a lot about the effect music has on our mood, only because its true!! If you don’t normally play music in the morning, give it a go, blare out your favourites and have a dance around the kitchen before you head out for the day, I promise if you only change this one thing in your morning routine, this is it. You will notice the boost in your mood immediately.

Now we know this may seem like a lot to do before you even leave the house, but we recommend starting by adding one or two of these things into your morning routine, you may decide to get up a bit earlier to exercise, journal or meditate, you will see the benefits instantly.
Many of the others can easily be added to your normal routine like drinking water & listening to music whilst you are getting ready.
Why not try & see for yourself the positive effects of adding these to your morning routine will make, it will lead to a more invigorated, organised, happier you from the morning that will carry throughout your day.

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