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Intention Setting – What is it?


In our mojo&co daily guided journals, we offer users the space to set an intention for the day ahead. But what does that mean? Is it a gaol? Is it an aspiration? Is it a set-in stone appointment? It’s all of those things and none of them. Simply put a daily intention is an aim or purpose for the day ahead.

In practical terms that can be anything from being more positive, to getting outdoors more, or simply to slow down more.

Why Is Setting An Intention For The Day Important?

Setting an intention for the day is the first step in the planning process. Think of it as your foundation stone upon which you can build the rest of the day and the week. Without it the day can get away from you, it can go off course, time can be wasted or neglected and ultimately you can find yourself overwhelmed.

Instead, when you have an intention written down in front of you at the start of the day, it can instantly give your mind the focus it needs to stay on track. If you find yourself wobbling, getting distracted or find yourself going off course from what you’d intended for your day, opening up your journal and going back to your intention is a simple, yet effective way to steer you back on course.

Sounds Simple?

Well, it should. For intentions to be truly effective, they should be simple. Don’t set over complicated intentions with too many qualifiers or parts. Those who find the most success in their daily lives, know it’s best to keep things as simplified as possible.

Not easy when we all lead increasingly hectic lives, but instead of focussing on the myriad of things you need to achieve for the day, instead try and set a simple intention, such as ‘today I will get out for at least two walks.’ It’s simple, clear and gives direction. And while it may not give details about how busy your day is, by prioritising those two walks, you will manage your time so that you get those two walks completed and they will have huge benefits for your state of mind.

Remember, you can still challenge yourself with your intentions, but keep it simple.

There Are No Rules

It’s easy to get caught up in trends or things you think your intentions should be. Diet, exercise, self-care. However, ultimately your intentions must be yours. They need to be a reflection of you and your life and what you need to get out of your day, for a positive, successful week.

There’s absolutely no point in just jumping on a bandwagon and writing down intentions that don’t have any connection with your life or worse intentions you know you’ve no chance in actually following through with. For example saying ‘today I will not drink coffee’, when you know you love a cup of coffee in the morning and cutting it out at once is probably going to cause more harm than good, is going to end in disaster. Free your intentions from anything other than what you need them to be.

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