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Struggling with New Year’s resolutions? Here’s how to realign.


Are you struggling with new years resolutions? Here’s our guide on how to realign.

Many of us set New Year’s resolutions, but unfortunately a staggering 90% falter within the first two months. If you’ve gone off track, know you’re not alone, and a new month is an excellent time to reset.

Common reasons for resolution failure:

Setting unrealistic resolutions – We tend to set huge goals & think we can achieve them fast, when that doesn’t happen we can lose our momentum. Instead why not try to set a variety of small milestones that will help you get to your bigger goal over time. Look at the big picture & break it down to small achievable daily & weekly goals.
Lack of accountability – Having someone to be accountable to can be a game changer, no matter what your goal, do you have a friend or family member that you trust & you can tell about your goal.  Will they help keep you on track? You may be able to help each other with both of your goals.
No review or check in – Regular check in of your goals will help you to readjust if you have gone off track, it will also let you see how much you have achieved so far, no matter how small.
Lack of Planning – Taking time to map out your goals, timelines & the small steps that will get you there, is so important, otherwise it can seem like a mountain to climb & it may  be difficult to know how to get from A to B.
Self sabotage – Often times when we go off track, which will happen, we give up. If this has happened to you, try to get back on track, getting started is often the hardest part, you have done the hard part already, don’t give up on yourself, try to get back on track as soon as you can even if it is one small step at a time.

To restart:
Less is more – Focus on two achievable goals; once you have gotten into good habits with these, add two new one.
Visualise – Create a mental picture of what you want to achieve for these two things.
Write your goals -This will allow you to create a plan and break it into smaller steps. It will also give you written accountability to yourself.
Be realistic – How do you get there? What steps do you take? How long will it take? Do you need help along the way? These are all questions you should take into consideration.
Check in – Keep track along the way, review weekly or monthly and readjust if & when needed.
Celebrate – Be your own cheerleader, celebrate your wins & milestones, treat yourself to something nice that you have been wanting for a while.

Remember, change takes time & new habits can be uncomfortable but keep going till they become second nature. Keep momentum by being your own cheerleader & celebrating every milestone, reward yourself along the way.

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