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Turn It Up! – How Listening To Your Favourite Music Boosts Your Mood


Picture it. You’re driving in your car, alone and your favourite song suddenly comes on the radio. You turn it up and start singing along as loudly and as enthusiastically as you can. You cannot keep the smile from appearing on your face. You feel happy, energised and instantly in better a mood.

Sound familiar? We at mojo&co have done it many times! Because the power of music on both our minds and bodies is universally undeniable.

Whether it be cranking up the tunes as you go for a walk or run, singing along in the car after dropping the kids to school, or simply relaxing with your favourite playlist after a long day, the benefits of listening to music has been proven to be hugely beneficial.

According to several studies [] ‘music can boost the brain’s production of the hormone dopamine. This increased dopamine production helps relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Music is processed directly by the amygdala, which is the part of the brain involved in mood and emotions.’

The findings aren’t surprising, but it turns out that music has many more benefits, including a positive effect on pain management and memory recall. But the physical positives don’t stop there! Who can resist the urge to get up and dance, move around or simply walk that bit faster when their favourite song comes on? It is an ideal way of subtly upping your steps for the day and getting that little bit of exercise in, without even having to label it as such! Clever or what?

Naturally, it makes sense then to try and include music into your daily routine by combining it with your mojo&co guided journaling. This will have an added bonus in terms of helping you set a positive tone for your day. Similarly, when you’re going through your journal at the end of the day reflecting on your progress and looking for the positives, listening to your favourite music can be a significant aid in helping to improve your mood, your frame of mind and therefore your positivity.

However, remember the golden rule; aim to match your music choice to the mood you want to achieve. So if you want to feel energised, go for something high tempo. That’s according to music therapist Adam Sankowski, of the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts General Hospital, who says ‘a basic guideline is to try to match the music to the mood that you want to have. If you need to get excited, listen to exciting music. Need to calm down? Listen to calming music. Instead of listening to the music that matches your current mood try listening to the music that matches the mood that you want to be in.’ []

So, the next time your favourite song comes on shuffle, remember to turn it up, sing it loud and allow the happy hormones to flow!

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