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Why Self-Care Can Be Simple


Everywhere you look these day’s ‘self-care’ is the big buzzword on people’s lips. From social media influencers talking about the benefits of taking time out to look after themselves, to brands and spas creating products and packages aligned with the idea of ‘time for you’, to even us at mojo&co with our beautiful, guided journals, everyone is realising the importance of self-care.

But what does it really mean and how can you practice it?

Essentially, when you break it down, self-care simply means looking after oneself and it’s a hugely important aspect of life that most of us sadly neglect. Our lives are busier than ever, with work and family juggles, technology getting bigger, brighter and nosier and our multi-tasking stills working at capacity. Most days we fail to give our own state of mind, health or wellbeing a second thought until we flop down exhausted.

The truth is a lot of us are running on empty.

Many of us put work, family and other commitments ahead of our own needs. Many of us are sleep deprived, routinely dehydrated and overly stressed which can impact negatively on our mind and bodies.

According to a Healthy Ireland survey, ‘a lack of good quality sleep is linked with adverse effects in other areas. It can negatively impact mental health or increase the likelihood of other illnesses, which can in turn lead to even more difficulties with sleep.’ []

So what can we do? Well instead of buying into the myth that we need to be a self-sacrificing to get ahead, or that social media constructs such as ‘the juggle is real’ are some sort of badge of honour, instead we need to slow down and realise that the old adage is true; ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup,’ and you are no different.

The truth is, in order to be a better parent, partner, sister, daughter, friend, colleague, teammate etc, you need to look after yourself on a regular basis.

Let’s just clarify. Self-care is not when you get the house to yourself and so you spend the time doing chores, such as cleaning, or doing the laundry, unless you truly enjoy those things. Self-care is also not going to do the grocery shopping by yourself, again unless that is your bag, then of course go and get your supermarket sweep on!

Generally speaking, self-care is thought of as some regular, scheduled time where you can switch off. Unwind. Do something for yourself. Be it going for a run or walk. A swim. An exercise class. Meeting a friend for a catch up. Listening to your favourite podcast interrupted with a big mug of tea. Meditating. Using a guided journal such as ours at mojo&co. Having a bath. Going clothes shopping. Catching a movie or simply indulging in your personal hobbies or passions.

It should be something that re-fills your cup from the inside out and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised, so that you can be at your best.

When you come down to it, self-care should be simple. It just takes commitment to put yourself first from time to time and realise that it’s okay to do so.

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