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Why Write a letter?


The lost art of letter writing has made a huge comeback, thanks in part to the distance so many endured in the 2020 global pandemic. Kept apart from loved ones, many of us turned to letter writing as a very personal way to connect with family and friends.

A handwritten letter gives the recipient so much more than an email ever could. It conveys time, effort, love, and affection in a very tangible way. You can hold it in your hands; smell it, touch it, feel it.

In recent times, I have come across treasured letters written many years ago from loved ones who have passed, from people who are still living & letters I had written as a child, all of them gave me a wonderful feeling of nostalgia & happiness. These letters give real insights to both the person writing the letter & to the receiver, they convey a snapshot in time, one thing is for sure, a letter will always be kept & filed away in a special place to be read another day, never thrown away, it’s a fantastic way to communicate & let somebody know you are thinking of them, from adults to children we all love to receive & read a letter.

Think about any letters you may have stored away? Isn’t it time to dig them out for a read or maybe begin to write some new letters to make a wonderful keepsake for the special recipient, you may be lucky enough to get one in return.


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