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Banish Blue Monday


Ways to combat the dreaded blue Monday January blues.

The third Monday in January is often known as ‘Blue Monday.’ It’s touted as the most depressing day of the year, as the end of January is still a way off, people are often strapped for cash and the weather can be bad.

But the truth is that ‘Blue Monday’ was a concept coined by a travel company in a press release to boost holiday bookings. It’s a complete fabrication! A marketing ploy. It has no real standing.

However, as gimmicky as its origins are, there’s no denying that January can be a tough month for many people. So while we don’t want to focus too much on the made up term ‘Blue Monday’, we thought it would be a good idea instead, to look at some ways to boost your mental health during the month of January.

Fresh Air

Simple, free and available to all, getting out in the fresh air can be hugely beneficial to your mental health. It’s been proven to improve mood, and help you get better rest at night-time.

Often many of us make grand resolutions about taking up exercise in January and while that’s all well and good, it can soon become something that’s hard to keep up with. So instead of labelling it exercise, why not simply call it getting out in the fresh air? The weather can be a challenge, but even if it’s windy and rainy, slap on the rain gear and make yourself do it. The first step is the hardest and we promise, you’ll feel so much better for it. On the dry or brighter days, don’t forget to breathe, look around at the natural beauty and pause to appreciate even the really small things, as all of these techniques will add to your mood boost.


Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is often linked to reduced exposure to sunlight during the shorter winter days. This can lead to symptoms of depression and can thankfully be treated in a variety of ways including more exposure to sunlight through sunlamps. Be sure to discuss these options with your GP.

While not all of us suffer with SAD, sunlight is still a very important factor in our overall physical and mental health during the winter months, so be sure to try and get out and about even if it’s only for short burst of time during the winter days.

Use Your Journal  

You mojo&co guided journal is your absolute best friend during January. It’s the perfect time to start getting into the journaling habit, identifying and setting goals and taking some regular time each day for you to sit down and set out your plans for the week. Use it to practice gratitude, to get the most our of your day and to set long and short term goals, all of which are going to have positive knock on effects in your day to day life and mood.

There’s A Grand Stretch.

Yes, it’s the most Irish saying ever, but it really is true and much more noticeable now. There is a bit of a stretch in the evenings, and we don’t know about you, but we cannot help but smile when we hear the birds chirping during that small stretch and in the slightly brighter mornings too. It’s that quintessential sound of the spring and if you simply take even a few moments breath in, close your eyes and listen, you cannot help but feel soothed and inspired by the changing of the seasons.

Spring is all about renewal and rebirth and it’s the perfect time to have those qualities reflected within your own life. See the impeding spring as the time to really set and go after those goals or dreams you’ve had on your list. The year is yours for the taking.


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